Real Change

To Reach Happiness, You Must First Go Within.

Meditanya is focused on teaching awareness and mindfulness for balancing body, mind, and soul. Gain practical tools to create self-growth, empowered relationships, and better communication, while guiding our subconscious using meditation & movement, and the wisdom of Kabbalah and Chassidut that focuses on the deep spiritual aspects of Judaism.

Led by mystical scholar Eyal Binyamin Karoutchi, Meditanya presents lectures by the wisdom of Kabbalah, Jewish meditation sessions, divine yoga sequences, spiritual retreats, and unique opportunities for personal growth worldwide.

Do you want to create positive change within yourself? The method of Meditanya utilizes the ancient wisdom of the Jewish Scriptures, which hold the anatomy of the soul and the wisdom of Creation to enhance all relationships and to increase mindfulness and awareness in all events of life.

-Practice Mindfulness

-Increase Your Awareness

-Enhance Your Relationships

-Achieve Proper Communication Skills

-Make Optimal Decisions 

  • Our Philosophy

    Creating Clarity & Brightness= Happiness Meditanya utilizes the essence of Kabbalah and Chassidut to create restraint and positive transformation in our life patterns, enlightening one’s self with the meaning of love and inner joy.

  • Our Experiences

    Read what past attendees have enjoyed through meaningful and transformative experiences participating in one of Meditanya's events worldwide.

  • Meditanya Vision

    Meditanya projects and events share a wealth of knowledge and insight, truly blending enhanced communication skills, Jewish meditation, yoga, and Jewish mysticism.

  • Events

    Enlighten your community. Discover a variety of unique and insightful lectures, workshops, or seminars that interest you and book your event with Meditanya today!